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Report: Premier League clubs agree to winter break from 2019/2020 season

Premier League clubs have agreed in principle to introduce a winter break from January of the 2019/2020 season.

Although the deal is yet to be formally announced the Telegraph are reporting that an agreement has been struck between the FA, the Premier League and Football League.

English football’s winter break will not be a complete shutdown like other European countries however. But will instead see Premier League match days stretched out over a two week period, as well as removing replays from the earlier rounds of the FA Cup.

Football fans will be happy to know however, that the huge amount of games they get to watch over the Christmas period will not be effected, with the break instead being scheduled to impact January and February fixtures instead.

The FA has long been campaigning for a winter break as they believe that the lack of one in English football is partly to blame for the national teams repeatedly poor performances at major tournaments.

An official announcement on agreement between all parties is expected by the end of this season.

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