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Power ranking the Women’s World Cup jerseys from best to worst

The kits on display in this summer’s World Cup are sensational, but which one comes in first and, more importantly, last place?

The Fifa Women’s World Cup is kicking off this week and the competition promises to be stronger than ever. The defending champions USA are good odds to retain their title, but hosts France are not keen to let the trophy leave the country.

Australia, two-time winners Germany, England and European champions Netherlands will pose a stern test to the Americans, and there’s a decent chance we could have a new name on the trophy.

But crowning a new world champion is not the important thing here. No, it’s all about who has the best jersey, surely. The competition for that is even more fierce if anything, with all of the kits on show this summer looking absolutely unreal.

Ranking the Women’s World Cup jerseys from best to worst:

24. New Zealand

Keeping it simple with the classic black and white kits, the ferns on the sleeves are a nice touch.

23. Thailand

I like the idea, but it falls short compared to the rest of the kits on show.

22. Canada

I’m not sure what to say about Canada’s offering other than it exists. Very plain.

21. England

Their deep red away kit is marvellous, but the home top is essentially just an expensive white shirt.

20. Scotland

A classically simply Adidas effort that lets the football do the talking, and the pink alternate jersey is very nice too.

19. South Korea

It’s hard to do a bad South Korea kit, and Nike have knocked it out of the park again.

18. France

Nike have gone ahead and done a really terrific throwback kit for hosts France, with a bronze cockerel against the deep navy. The polka dots on the away kit are a nice idea, but it looks more like a casual top than a football jersey.

17. Chile

A really sharp home kit and an eye-catching away jersey make Chile very unlucky not to be higher on this list.

16. Argentina

Big fan of Argentina’s black away kit, and their home kit is a nice subtle change from the usual plain stripes. Probably deserves to be higher up the list but it’s too damn competitive.

15. Cameroon

African kits are almost always baller, and Cameroon are no exception to that rule. This one is a bit more basic than usual, but the collar is great.

14. USA

Only slightly less boring home jersey than England, but the design is a cool nod to the 1999 World Cup winning team. The stars and stripes embedded in the red away kit look fantastic.

13. Spain

Can’t help but love Adidas’s retro design couple with bold colours. The red, navy and yellow really work well together.

12. Japan

While there have been nicer editions over the years, Japan’s jersey pops as per usual.

11. Italy

You just can’t do a bad Italy kit. Stylish as ever.

10. China

A quality home jersey is outdone by an exceptional silver away top that features a phoenix in the design. It works very well with the orange shorts and socks too.

9. Brazil

The home kit relies on the classic yellow, but the blue away kit contains geometric constellations that are intergalactically awesome.

8. Norway

Big fan of jerseys inspired by Norwegian skiing jumpers. The colour combinations are also pretty much perfect.

7. South Africa

Banyana Banyana will be kitted out in style this summer.

6. Jamaica

Now it’s time to separate the chaff from the wheat. Umbro have done an outstanding job with the kits for the Reggae Girlz.


5. Netherlands

I didn’t think there was a way to make Dutch jerseys much better, but then Nike’s tulip inspired pattern convinced me otherwise.


4. Sweden

The numbers on the back of each jersey showcase a collage of female history makers, honoring influential women who have positively impacted this world.

3. Nigeria

In tribute to the men’s 1994 kit, this one will go down as an all-time classic.

2. Australia

Not sure what I can say about this other than “HOLY SHIRT!”

1. Germany

Mixing the old with the new, the two-time champions will be kitted out in this stupendous kit. Leaning somewhat on the classic 1990 World Cup design that the men wore on their way to victory in Italy, the layered flag across the chest is an automatic Yes for us. Nike won the battle, but Adidas won the war.

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