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Premier League Podcast: Liverpool & Man City go Bang Bang Bang

With the return of club football comes the return of everyone’s favourite Premier League podcast!

There’s a whole lot to talk about as Spurs win at Chelsea for the first time in 28 years. Our resident Spurs fan Karl is as magnanimous and gracious in victory as you would expect and Sam asks the crew where next for the Blues?

There’s praise for Lukaku and with rumours circulating about Anthony Martial’s departure from Old Trafford there’s an interesting chat about the Frenchman and whether or not he has been a success and if not, why not?

Of course there’s a lot to talk about the build up to tonight’s Champions League Quarter Final between Liverpool and Manchester City.

Benitez is a hero while Pards is a zero, there’s a quiz, Pr*ck Of The Week and a whole lot more.

Listen in below or subscribe through the Podcast App on your phone and you’ll never miss another episode!

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