Arsenal legend names the club that ‘ruined’ the transfer window

The man, the myth, the legend that is former Arsenal attacker Paul Merson has been sharing his wisdom with all of us Premier League fans again today.

As the summer transfer window transpired it seemed that some clubs just seemed incapable of getting big deals over the line. Luckily enough Sky Sports pundit Merson knows exactly why this is: it’s all Everton’s fault you see.

On July 25, the Toffees shelled out £40 million to bring 21-year-old Brazilian winger Richarlison to Goodison Park from Watford, and Merson believes that this was the transfer that skewed the market and stopped other clubs from signing their first choice targets.

“I think that’s what’s spoiled the window if I’m being perfectly honest,” Merson told Sky Sports News.

“I think that happened so early, and at £40m that set the benchmark. Teams then have gone, ‘Well if you’re getting £40m for him I want £60m, £70m, £80m, £90m and £100m.

“I think that’s the problem.”

Everton are managed by Marco Silva. Merson received a huge amount of public criticism back in January 2016 when he went on a xenophobic rant about foreign managers on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday show, but we are sure this has nothing to do with these particular comments, absolutely sure.

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