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Neville responds to media hypocrisy over Leeds spy scandal

Gary Neville has thrown his thoughts into the spy scandal that is dominating the headlines in English football.

The story revolves around Championship leaders, Leeds United, whose manager, Marcelo Bielsa, astonishingly admitted that he sent a spy to watch Derby County’s training session ahead of last night’s 2-0 win at Elland Road.

His public admission, in which he stated he has long used the practice of sending spies, has caused outrage across the length and breadth of the English football community, with some sections calling for a hefty penalty for the Argentinian.

The media have been a part of that call for severe punishments for Bielsa, with well respected journalist Henry Winter saying that it ‘shows a complete lack of respect for his peers’.

However, former Manchester United captain Gary Neville has this morning responded to Winter, and in doing so has indirectly accused the media of being hypocrites, after their years of trying to undermine the potential success of the England national team, just to sell newspapers.

The English media were guilty of revealing the England starting lineup during this summer’s World Cup, and have been accused of spying on training sessions in the past, going to any length to gain an advantage on their journalistic rivals.

In the wake of the current spy-gate furore, former England coach Neville has reminded the media of the hypocrisy in slamming Bielsa’s actions.

What is your opinion? Has Bielsa done anything wrong? Should he be punished? Leave a comment below.

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