Neville admits to being ‘torn’ by Anthony Martial

A number of Premier League defenders have been torn apart by Anthony Martial’s brilliance, but former Manchester United full-back Gary Neville has revealed that he is torn in a different way about the winger.

Martial has been in good form in recent weeks, scoring three goals in his last two Premier League games, including a brace against Chelsea last week.

However, during his three-year spell at Manchester United, Martial’s form has been up-and-down, with him struggling to hit a consistent vein of form or hold down a regular starting berth since the arrival of Jose Mourinho.

Even though the Frenchman is a fan favourite among the Old Trafford faithful, Reds legend Gary Neville can’t quite make his mind up.

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“To be honest with you, I’m quite neutral [on the Martial situation]. I reckon he probably divides the fans 50:50,” the former right-back told the Gary Neville Podcast.

“When you are watching Anthony Martial, you are not quite sure whether it’s someone who’s got an incredible talent who will go on to be one of the best in the world, or whether what you are actually seeing is what he is – which is, to be fair, someone who shows it in glimpses and doesn’t perform consistently over a season and over, now, a period of three or four seasons.

“He’s got unbelievable talent, the ability to become one of the best in the world, he just needs confidence, belief and to play in a team that’s successful and all of a sudden we’ll see the real Martial.

“On the other hand, I’d look at it thinking his body language isn’t great, his movement off the ball isn’t great, he does not make enough moves between the right back and centre back. He doesn’t drive at people often enough in the final third and commit them, doesn’t actually have great quality when the ball is at his feet and he works his way in from the left.

“I am so torn, I think that’s where fans are as well, he is a bit of a conundrum in the sense you don’t want to lose him and think of what he might become.

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“On the other hand, he may need to leave to become what he might become. Diego Forlan had to play in Spain to become one of the best strikers in La Liga, there are players who have to leave sometimes to achieve what they want. Then there are sometimes players who achieve what they want, Cristiano Ronaldo it just hit him after three seasons and he became incredible.

“So I am really torn, it feels like I am sitting on the fence, but it is the reality I am at, I cannot make my mind up on him and I am not sure if that’s good or bad three years in.”

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