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Moyes calls for ‘respect’ from Sky amid VAR controversy

David Moyes has issued a plea to PGMOL in his pre-match press conference, stating his ‘disappointment’ with how incidents are currently handled.

VAR has been under massive scrutiny in the past week, following Mikel Arteta’s post-match interview after Arsenal’s 1-0 loss at the hands of Newcastle.

Despite some pundits believing the Spaniard went too far, it seems Arteta has the backing of some Premier League managers.

Fresh off a 1-0 victory over Olympiacos in the Europa League, West Ham boss David Moyes has spoke on the matter of VAR in his pre-match press conference, ahead of this weekend’s game with Nottingham Forest.

“Managers have to be defensive, sit back and not share our true feelings because we’re asked questions where we know we’re going to be fined if we speak out.”

Moyes went further and spoke about the spotlight the ‘bigger clubs’ seem to get in contrast to those further down the table.

“When we’re putting our opinions over, they’re not getting a lot of clout at the other end.

“There have been a couple of incidents have been highlighted but it’s mainly been the top clubs, as if it doesn’t happen to the other clubs. I think we’re all pretty disappointed with what we’re getting back.”

The Scotsman also took aim at the broadcasters, namely Sky, for asking managers for their opinion on controversial moments not long after the game has finished, when emotions are still running high.

“We’re being asked within 20 minutes after games about things that can get us fined and in trouble. I would ask Sky to respect the managers and not put them in those positions.”

Seemingly hinting at Arteta’s recent outburst, Moyes also spoke on how fines affect honesty from managers in post-match press conferences.

“Managers will be fined for speaking out of turn. I can get fined.

“If you want honest opinions, you need to take that up with others. Now and again you’ll get outbursts and maybe that’s what you want.”
West Ham take on Nottingham Forest this weekend, and will be hoping that VAR controversy doesn’t prevent them from taking their first league win in five games.

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