Mourinho urged to be ‘more adventurous’ by former Manchester United striker

Jose Mourinho has been urged to play ‘a more adventurous and attacking style’ of football at Manchester United this season by one of the club’s former strikers.

While all attention may be on the World Cup at the moment, the thoughts of the upcoming Premier League season are never too far away, especially with transfer news still making the headlines.

It was a decent enough season for Manchester United last time out, achieving their best league performance in terms of both points and position in the Premier League since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Despite their improved record, the 19 point gap to champions Man City and the style of play employed by Jose Mourinho has seen criticism drawn from fans and pundits alike.

Former Manchester United striker Louis Saha has urged the current manager to try an be a bit more positive in his third season at the cub:

“Yes of course I would prefer a more adventurous and attacking style because that’s the way the fans are used,” Saha told the Daily Express.

“I can understand I’ve seen some ex players like Scholes has been very vocal about it and I understand because they always liked when Sir Alex gave them freedom to be creative and always believed in the last minute they can produce something extraordinary, so that’s what they did on a regular basis.

“We think it’s a new era, and we have disruption with the social media, sometimes you can see players are starting to be more individual so it’s hard to build a group with an identity, it’s a change from the Class of 92 with seven players who start in the group and it’s all change and a different era, so maybe Sir Alex Ferguson recognised this and said ‘oh hang on a minute, I’m not going to be good with this’.”

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