Milner: I was raised to hate Manchester United

Liverpool midfielder James Milner has been discussing how as a young Leeds United fan he was brought up to dislike Manchester United.

Leeds and Manchester United are fierce rivals and Milner has revealed that his father hated the Old Trafford club so much that he wouldn’t allow his son to wear any type of a red shirt.

Milner’s father, however, has softened his stance somewhat nowadays and is happy to see his son performing so well in the Red of Liverpool.

‘It’s true, yes,’ Milner told FourFourTwo.

‘Obviously Leeds fans are brought up to dislike Manchester United, as rivals, so red wasn’t allowed.

‘I didn’t have any red shirts or anything, and the first time I ever wore it was probably for England.

‘He did joke when I signed for Liverpool that it was the first time he’d be happy to see me regularly in red.’

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