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Middlesbrough boss Pulis rejects Premier League 2 proposal

Middlesbrough boss Tony Pulis has waved away Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani’s proposal for a Premier League II.

The proposal came in the wake of Radrizzani bemoaning the lack of revenue the Championship’s top sides receive for featuring on Sky.

However, Pulis has shut down any idea of a Premier League II in order to increase revenue distribution for those Championship clubs favoured for live coverage.

“He (Radrizzani) was talking about the spread of money more than anything else. I’m not concerned about the money I’m more concerned about the quality of the players playing.’’ Pulis told the press ahead of his sides trip to Sheffield Wednesday tonight.

“I don’t think you are ever going to get a situation where those Premier League clubs are going to give any money away to make anybody stronger, that’s ridiculous to put it that way because they are not going to do it.

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The Boro boss even claimed that the owner would not be making such a claim if his side were in the top flight.

“And, no disrespect to the chap but if he was in the Premier League he certainly wouldn’t be giving it (money) to the Championship so what he’s saying is very, very one-sided.”

But, despite Pulis rejecting any idea of a Premier League II to increase TV revenue distribution, he has revealed his support for a smaller Championship clear.

“What I’m saying is if they were really, really looking at it – cut the numbers down in the Championship and have a bigger spread down below it in (League One) and (League Two) and even make a (League Three) of the top non-league clubs so you add another league to it.

“Then you have the two leagues (Premier League and Championship) playing with the same number so the quality at the top is there. Money-wise there’s no chance, they’re not going to do it that way.”

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