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‘Maybe it’s time to leave’ – Berbatov discusses Kane exit rumours

Dimitar Berbatov says Harry Kane has a difficult decision to make regarding his future at Tottenham, saying ‘maybe it’s time’ for the forward to leave the club.

Kane’s long term future has been a source of speculation in recent weeks following a disappointing season for Spurs, with the England captain admitting he would not remain with the north London side ‘for the sake of it’.

After reaching the final of the Champions League last season, Spurs have regressed during the current campaign and currently sit eighth in the Premier League, the appointment of Jose Mourinho as manager having failed to revive their fortunes at present.

Kane is yet to win a trophy in his career and will turn 27 this summer, with Manchester United and Manchester City being tentatively linked with a move for a player who has scored 136 goals in just 201 Premier League appearances.

Former Spurs striker Berbatov spent two seasons with the club before a record-breaking, £30.75m move to join United in search of silverware, and the Bulgarian admits he sees ‘similarities’ between his situation and Kane’s current predicament.

“This week I also saw some comments from Harry Kane, he loves Spurs but if they aren’t going to be producing trophies then maybe it is time to leave. He knows all that, of course he’s thinking about it, now even more than before,” Berbatov told Betfair.

“I think once it returns, maybe football will change in the amount of money that is spent, in the way players are bought and sold. If you are Kane in this situation and Daniel Levy is your chairman, he isn’t going to sell you cheap, he is going to ask for what is fair, which in the case of Kane is a lot of money.

“I see a lot of similarities in the situation I went through and what is happening with Kane at the minute. There is a strong connection between Spurs and Manchester United, Teddy Sheringham was at Tottenham then went to Old Trafford, I was a Spurs striker and went to United and now Kane, who’s also a striker, is being linked with a move there.

“I feel that it’s also a similar time in his career that I was at, you start to think if you’re on the right path and you think about winning things. If you are one of the lucky ones like Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes or Gary Neville where you spend your whole life at one great club then you don’t have to ask yourselves those questions, you just want to work hard and prove yourself everyday.

“When I left Spurs, even though I had won a trophy with the club it was a still difficult decision to make. I was following my own path and I knew that people wouldn’t be happy, but I had to do it, I come from a small country and when one of the biggest clubs in the world came in for me it was my dream.”

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