Manchester United angrily deny Mourinho and Pogba rift claims

Manchester United have angrily denied that there is any rift between their manager Jose Mourinho and star midfielder Paul Pogba.

Today was another day with reports of the pairs relationship being at an all-time low appearing in several of the tabloid papers.

However, Manchester United have let it be known to Sky Sports News reporter James Cooper that they see these reports as ‘’absolute nonsense,’’ and maintain that Mourinho and Pogba have a good relationship.

“Manchester United have spoken to me this morning,” James Cooper told Sky Sports News.

“Which is very rare and unusual for Manchester United to react to stories at all, particularly to react so angrily.

“And they are angry, they are incensed, they’re telling me there was no bust-up between Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba.

“The reports of this are absolute nonsense.

“Furthermore, the relationship between the two people is good.”

United’s denial will of course do little to stop the constant barrage of Pogba and Mourinho related headlines within certain sections of the media.

We live in a click-hungry world people, and websites (and we don’t claim to be innocent of this either) will continue to try squeeze every last possible bit of ‘clickage’ out of this storyline for the considerable future.

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