roy keane

Manchester United fans urge club to bring back Roy Keane

Now, we know this one is a non-starter, but there seems to be a social media clamouring for Roy Keane to return to Manchester United.

In a time where Jesse Lingard is boiling the piss of the Manchester United faithful after his antics on Snapchat, while Paul Pogba consistently continues to divide opinions, the news of Roy Keane’s Nottingham Forest exit on Sunday has spiked the attention of the fans who used to worship him.

Keane, a man infamous for his no bullsh*t attitude, has often spoken about the current plight of his former club, saying its a squad full of ‘bluffers’, and has said he ‘wouldn’t trust a word’ that Paul Pogba says.

While it is being reported that Keane is looking to restart his own managerial career having spent the last six years as a number two, that hasn’t stopped hoards of United fans clamoring for their former captains return to Old Trafford, either as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s assistant or as the clubs director of football.

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