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Lampard discusses his Chelsea philosophy ahead of Man United clash

Frank Lampard has been discussing his philosophy at Chelsea ahead of the club’s Premier League opener at Manchester United this weekend.

Lampard’s reign as Chelsea manager will begin with a trip to Old Trafford on Sunday, with the 41-year-old preparing for his first case of Premier League management.

The Chelsea boss has been discussing how he wants his side to play this season, and says his main priority is to make his side ‘adaptable’ and ‘difficult to play against’.

‘The philosophy question is a difficult one,” Lampard told his pre-match press conference.

”You get asked it a lot. It gets linked straight to attacking football, and that is not what I am trying to do.

‘We have to be adaptable. The idea of playing attacking football every week in the Premier League – good luck with that. It’s tough. We need to be able to understand wherever we go in this league you may have to adapt slightly. We need to be ready to do that. It’s not just about can we go and play this free-flowing beautiful football.

‘I mentioned how much I want us to be good off the ball.

‘That’s actually my first call: how fit and how hard we can work without the ball, before talking about what we can do with the ball.

‘I do believe in the talent of this squad, and they can play with freedom on the ball, but we must be difficult to play against. Attacking football, defensive football, it’s all the same.’

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