Jurgen Klopp press conference

Klopp understands why Liverpool fans are so ‘nervous’ about title race

Jurgen Klopp has attempted to calm the nerves of Liverpool fans ahead of the run-in for the Premier League title race. 

Sitting two points ahead of Manchester City with a game in hand, Liverpool are currently the favourites to win the Premier League, which would be their first league title in 29 years if it were to happen.

Reds fans are getting increasingly anxious as the season gets nearer to a conclusion, most notably in the 1-1 draw at home with Leicester City, where the crowd’s nervousness fed into the team’s performance.

Jurgen Klopp has tried to assuage supporter fears of another title challenge collapse with his latest comments, by pointing to a host of pressurised moments over the past year of which Liverpool came out on the right side.

“Our tool to sort the situation is football. Our tool is football. That is the only thing we can do,” the German manager told the media ahead of Monday night’s clash with West Ham United.

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“Yes, there is pressure. There was pressure last year, a lot of pressure when we played Man City away in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, and we dealt with it.

“There was pressure at Rome, there was pressure in so many moments in the Premier League. We had to win each game because Chelsea were constantly chasing us. That is the only way we can do it.”

“Will there be nervous moments? Yes, for sure. Don’t make them bigger than they are because there were nervous situations last year, two years ago, three years ago.

“That is part of the game of the football game. People are in a little bit of doubt about this and that, I understand yes, but people understand in general, outstanding support 100 per cent.

“But this club has not been champions for 29 years. So how can people sit there and watch it like City? I don’t know how often they have been champions in the last five or six years – ‘Yeah, one more, why not? Whatever.’

“No-one thinks like that at City but it’s a different situation. We really, the people really, desperately want it, that is how it is, they really want it with all they have. I get that and we try with all we have. But there are no guarantees. I am not a nervous person.”

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