Klopp slams Liverpool’s ‘idiot’ fans

Jurgen Klopp has branded some of Liverpool’s fans as idiots following the ugly scenes at Anfield before their Champions League win over Manchester City.

Liverpool fans were filmed hurling missiles towards Manchester City’s team coach as it approached the the stadium. Despite the trouble they had on their way to the game, the coach stopped again on its way home to assist a female Liverpool supporter who was injured in a road traffic accident.

Speaking to the media on Friday ahead of the third and final Merseyside derby of the season, Liverpool boss Klopp was quick to praise the actions of the Man City medical team, before airing his disappointment at the actions of his side’s ‘fans’:

“This (City stopping their coach to help the stricken fan) is a perfect example for how it should be. You can’t take things for granted. I have to say, again, apologies for what happened before the game.

“It is so strange because you go with your own bus through the crowd and it feels fantastic, it is passion. Then you come into the stadium and the first thing I heard is they smashed the bus of Man City and it kills everything in that moment for us.

“You cannot be happy about that, you don’t feel it any more. Another good example of that is you give people an opportunity to do something good and because of a few idiots it will maybe never happen again. It changed everything.

“The medical staff of Man City did what they did but it is an outstanding thing to do and leaves us even more in a situation where we think ‘Oof! It was all strange’. The atmosphere during the game was one of the best I have experienced but these things around changed my view. It is not OK.

“It is not how it should have been. I have nothing else to say about this.”

With the return leg to play against Manchester City on Tuesday, Klopp could be tempted to play a weakened side for todays very short trip across Stanley Park to face Everton.

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