Klopp: I don’t read anything about English football

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp have revealed that he likes to keep a good relationship with the journalists he deals with.

However, the Reds coach also admitted that can sometimes be irked by how reporters direct questions towards him, and also that he avoids reading or watching football media as much as possible.

“I respect the job of journalists, absolutely. People want to be informed, I get that,” The German coach told GOAL.

“Could journalists sometimes be a little bit better prepared? Yes, to be honest! They ask how you feel when you lost 5-0! What do they think I’ll say?!

“Those kind of things are not too good, but apart from that it’s just part of the business. We can talk about football. It’s absolutely fine.

“I don’t read about football really. From time to time I have Sky on or whatever, but not really a lot.

“I don’t read anything about English football, I occasionally see something about us but only if the headline is harmless! If I see a headline is going in a particular direction, then forget it!

“But I want to have a normal relationship with journalists. I don’t want to be one of these managers who is like ‘who wrote that?’ and then I will not talk to them. That makes no sense.”

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