Keita hoping to emulate Liverpool legend Gerrard

Naby Keita has said that he is hoping to emulate the achievements of Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard after he took over his iconic number eight shirt this summer.

Having made his long-awaited £52 million move from RB Leipzig this summer, Keita became the first player to wear the number eight shirt since Gerrard left Liverpool in 2015.

During his time at the club, Gerrard scored an impressive 186 goals during his 17-year career for the Reds, winning two FA Cups, three League cups and of course one Champions League.

Now, his successor to the number eight shirt Naby Keita has said he is hoping to emulate his achievements during his own time at Anfield.

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“You see the number eight is really legendary and to wear this shirt now it is legendary,” Keita told Sky Sports.

“It used to belong to a player who was a legend, that was respected here.

“When I was a child, that really was in my mind, to play for a great club like Liverpool. Well here I am now, I don’t mean I’m not going to be like him because each of us are individuals.

“He left his own mark, I want to leave my own mark, I am going to work really hard to leave my own mark like he did. To play for Liverpool, that is a dream I had as a child and here I am now.

“I am following a course, I am really motivated to speak English, it is really important for me. I want to be able to speak to the coach, I want to speak to the other players on the team and I am really working hard.

“I am hoping in six months I will be able to do these interviews in English.

“I find the Scouse accent a bit difficult but I will try my best [to learn some]. I do not know any Scouse, I have been trying to speak English I have not been able to learn any Scouse yet.”

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