Video: 10 of the best quotes by Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is one of the most quotable figures in the world of football.

Upon arriving at Anfield in 2015 he described himself as ‘The Normal One’, in contrast to the cocky arrival of Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho a decade and a half ago.

When asked to explain what set apart his style of football from that of Arsene Wenger, he likened it to the difference between heavy metal and orchestral music.

Managers are so often content to proffer the most basic and cliched of soundbites during press conferences and post-match interviews, but you can be guaranteed to get an extraordinary quote from Jurgen Klopp when he speaks.

Liverpool‘s head honcho may hail from Germany, where he won two Bundesliga titles with Borussia Dortmund, but he’s had no problem conversing in English since coming to the Premier League to replace Brendan Rodgers.

Klopp’s joviality, plainspoken nature, and refusal to take himself overly seriously contribute to his interviewing style, which is doubtlessly appreciated by the folks at Sky Sports, BT Sport and BBC.

Watch our video of Jurgen Klopp’s best quotes here:

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Words by Ste McGovern

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