Jose takes a swipe at Gary Neville

Jose Mourinho has appeared to take a swipe at former Manchester United captain Gary Neville ahead of United’s crunch game against Liverpool this weekend.

Many pundits and fans alike have had their say on the style of play Manchester United have adopted under Mourinho, with some accusing of the Portuguese manager abandoning the clubs history and tradition of playing attacking football.

Asked if he pays attention to those opinions, Mourinho had this to say:

“Some of the guys with an opinion, couldn’t resolve their own problems when they were managers. They are giving opinions like it looks they have solutions for everything, but it is not like that.

“But they are in a position where they can give opinions about everything.

“Sometimes I read, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don’t. Honestly, this week, I was more focussed on enjoying Champions League and Europa League and preparing (for) my match than be focussed on opinions, but of course, everybody has an opinion.”

Considering the amount of pundits that are currently out there, it appears that the comments were directed towards Gary Neville.

The former United captain is one of the only ones who has taken the plunge into management. However his surprise spell in charge of Spanish club Valencia ended prematurely after he lead them to just 10 wins in the 28 games he was in charge before being sacked.

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