Jose Mourinho insists that Rashford will not be loaned out next season

Jose Mourinho has stated that has no intention of loaning out Marcus Rashford next season.

The young England forward has been involved in most of Manchester United’s games this season, but has only started 24 times in all competitions. This has led to some fans suggesting that he maybe needs a loan deal out of the club to start more games and continue his development.

This won’t be the case though, as when United manager Mourinho was asked about it he simply replied:


He would further elaborate as he added, “He impresses me. That’s the reason why he was selected for every match of the season – absolutely every match of the season – and that’s why he played in so many of them.

“So he doesn’t need to leave to play or to need anything.”

Mourinho clearly sees the value in Rashford as shown by his constant presence in the squad and unwillingness to let him go. At only 20 years old not starting every week for a club the size of United isn’t a huge problem at the moment.

However, in a few years the forward will need to be starting more consistently if he is to truly develop into a world class player.

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