Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp

Video: Jamie Redknapp 10 most ridiculously stupid quotes

If you are a regular watcher of Sky Sports Football Coverage, we’re sure at some stage you’ve wondered to yourself, how in gods name is Jamie Redknapp paid to be a pundit. 

Most of Sky’s other pundits had illustrious playing careers, resulting in years of experience playing in the biggest games imaginable and winning football’s biggest prizes, which normally allows for excellent insight and analysis.

Not Jamie though, it always make me chuckle when that bar at the bottom of the screen pops up with what each pundits won during his career. Most pundits have won 10 – 20 Major Honours, from Champions League to Premier League titles. Then it cuts to poor old Jamie who’s sole triumph in a injury ravaged career was a solitary League Cup.

Maybe he’s part of the Sky Punditry Team because he offers excellent insight you say? Nope, no he does not, in fact all he does is look handsome in designer suits and state the bleeding obvious, with a complete disregard for research into the teams and players that are playing.

Despite accusations of only being there because of his famous dad or being a pretty face to keep the female viewers happy, not to mention the fact he says things that make himself look a right wolly, its actually quite hard to really dislike Jamie.

He seems to be a decent enough bloke who gets to do a job all us average blokes wish we could do. Anyway, lets have a look at 10 of the times he made us all laugh by saying ridiculously stupid things!

On top of that, we’ll have a laugh at Jamie proving that he literally has no idea what the word literally means!

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