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‘I didn't know how good the goal was‘ – Wilshere discusses his ‘special’ Arsenal goal

Jack Wilshere has recalled his ‘special’ goal for Arsenal against Norwich in October 2013, admitting he ‘didn’t know how good the goal was’ at the time.

Wilshere was involved in arguably the greatest team goal the Premier League has seen during a clash against the Canaries at the Emirates six-and-a-half-years ago, a free-flowing one-touch move involving the midfielder and teammates Santi Cazorla and Olivier Giroud.

The goal was later named as the Goal of the Season but Wilshere admits he was unaware of how special the goal was at the time, revealing former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger used to make his players relentlessly practice quick inter-change play on the edge of the penalty area.

“I get tagged in it every other day on Twitter,” Wilshere told Arsenal’s ‘In Lockdown’ Podcast.

“I knew I wasn’t offside. It’s going to sound mad… but that used to happen all the time in training. Whether it was doing play-throughs unopposed or whether it was with defenders, that is Arsene Wenger, that’s the way he wanted to play.

“He wanted to play that quick stuff. I remember he used to do a drill where he would, I’m not lying, line up 15 mannequins on the edge of the box and there would be three of us and we used to have to take two touches and navigate our way through it as quickly as we could. We used to do that all the time.

“I didn’t know how good the goal was but I remember Giroud came and celebrated with me saying, ‘That was special’ but in my head I was thinking, ‘We do it all the time in training’. Then I saw it back and obviously I started the move in our own half, but that was what the boss wanted.

“I remember when I was walking off at half-time and Nathan Redmond from Southampton, he was at Norwich at the time, I remember him coming up to me and saying, ‘Mate, you need to watch that goal back, that was special’. It wasn’t until like after the game really when I saw it and I thought ‘that was nice’.”

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