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How to Attack NFL DFS

The world of sports betting is getting more and more prevalent, and there is definitely an increase in fantasy players throughout all aspects under the umbrella. Today, we are going to highlight some major factors to look at if you are brand new to Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and want to make some money playing it.

If you think you know the NFL better than everyone else, consider checking out some NFL lines in order to get into some of the action every Sunday.

Understanding How to Create a Lineup

You are not going to be able to create a lineup consisting of all superstars in daily fantasy drafts; otherwise, all the lineups would be the exact same.

Instead, understand that you are going to have to mix and match superstars with players that can provide extreme value in order to construct your lineup.

You will see the cash value of every eligible player in your draft pool and a total cash remaining spot. What you need to do is construct a complete lineup using most, if not all, of the available cash. 

That means it is critical to understand value plays, and that is what we are diving into next.

Finding Value Players

In order to get some solid cash prizes, you need to be able to distinguish between good and great value players. You are not going to be able to start a star player in every slot in your lineup, so establishing some value plays are going to be the difference in DFS as well. 

Now, it could be extremely difficult to distinguish which players to actually draft, so I will dive into a couple of great tell-tale signs that I personally look for.

The most critical thing I look for in skill position players would be the number of targets going their way as more passes heading their way means more potential points heading your way. Another thing for skill position players is touches inside of the red zone because obviously there is a bonus for scoring touchdowns and really establishes value.

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More touchdowns mean more bang for your buck, and that means there could be extreme value in those specific players on the week. Establishing who can get targeted more can really help define a bit of value. 

Choosing a quarterback and a defense could be a little bit more difficult, but I relatively use the same thought process trying to select who I will be selecting in those slots in my lineup. The only real analysis is going to be looking at their past performances in the previous five games at the most.

Usually, the options do not have major variance in their production. The best thing I like doing is diving into the opposing team because some of the best players and/or teams for your lineup, as that means more value.

You don’t want to select a quarterback that is going up against the best pass defense in the NFL. Figuring out some value for positions really will help you become a winner.


Daily Fantasy Sports takes a lot of variance, so understanding that you need to establish a multitude of lineups in order to cover your bases. It is a time-consuming fantasy game, and if you are entering this world expecting to win the main prizes, in the beginning, you are not going to.

There are people that have years and years of experience and attack this is a part or full-time occupation since there is serious money on the board. Learning to crawl before you walk is key, but establishing what does best for you is going to be the difference between cashing out and depositing cash in your account. 

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