Guardiola admits dislike for managerial mind games

So called managerial mind games and just general bitchiness have long been a running theme in the Premier League between top managers.

At some point over the last couple seasons every coach of  the top-six club’s in England have been involved in some form of argument with each other.

Man United’s legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson has long been heralded as the master of the mind game, from back in the nineties when his badgering caused Newcastle’s Kevin Keegan to lose it on live TV.

However, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has revealed his dislike for criticism between managerial colleagues.

The former Barcelona coach even offered support to under fire Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, ahead of their Premier League clash at the Emirates tonight.

“I always support my colleagues because we feel the same when we win, when we lose. We accept the opinions of the fans and the people and you feel alone. Believe me, you feel alone because there’s a lot of pressure on your shoulders.

“I understand completely. I’d like to tell him that I am close, I am on the same side as him. That’s why I don’t understand when other managers criticise the other managers.

“It’s tough to send a message to the other ones from here because everyone understands how you feel when you lose. What happened can happen to me in the future. We won, I’m good. Arsene Wenger didn’t win so he’s not good.” he said.

Wenger has of course come in for some heavy criticism this week after his side meekly lost to City 3-0 in last weekend’s Carabao Cup final. Guardiola’s seems to be resisting the temptation to ”kick a man when he’s down,” in this particular situation however.

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