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Van Persie’s high fives, Martial is sorry, and the perfect volley – Ten football tweets that will make your day

The funniest and best football-related tweets from the week gone by, featuring Robin van Persie, Anthony Martial’s botched apology, a terrifying mascot and the perfect volley. 

Well done you, you’ve gotten over ‘hump day’ and are now one day closer to the weekend. Frankly, if you use that phrase unironically I can’t respect you, and I certainly can’t feel sorry for you if a midweek of Champions League football can’t get you out of your slump.

But look, I don’t want any enmity between us, so I’ve compiled a few tweets that you probably missed while you were fretting over spreadsheets and projects or whatever other nonsense your 9-5 life demands of you. Enjoy.

Robin van Persie, restoring your faith in humanity one high five at a time.

Arsenal fan instantly forgiving the Dutchman for leaving their club after watching this.

The moment you realise you should have gotten a professional to write your apology statement.

After Anthony Martial was caught cheating on his fiancé, the Manchester United winger apologised for “the evil I have been able to do”.

“There’s no such thing as the perfect go-“

Bad lip reading.

That northern Irish accent is a mind melt.

The most terrifying mascot since Kingsley came to Partick Thistle.

You’ll find Barry the Bodhran in the corner of a pub at 2am smacking the face off himself.

Welsh football has never looked so pretty.

The endlessly entertaining Jimmy Greaves celebrated his 79th birthday this week.

A reminder to support local football from this brilliant video by a League of Ireland club.

Unnecessary, but impressive all the same.

We’re Schalke fans now.

C’est Magnifique.

Who’s a complete fanny now, United fans?

And here’s a bonus one to ruin your week.

I see Ronaldo has morphed into a playground Liverpool fan banging on about past glories.


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