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Jorginho, Ibrahimovic, Beckham – 11 times footballers names were spelled wrong on their shirts

Preparation is key for a major European final, but someone evidently forgot to tell that to the Chelsea kit man ahead of his club’s UEFA Super Cup clash with Liverpool on Wednesday.

Italian midfielder Jorginho was seen sporting a shirt with his name incorrectly spelt, an error which is sure to have left the Blues looking red-faced.

Throughout history we’ve seen several incidents of kit men mishaps, and here are 11 times when footballers names were spelled wrongly on their shirt…

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The Swedish forward is arguably the biggest name (reputation wise) in MLS, so you’d think the LA Galaxy kit men could the name of their star player right, right?

Steven Gerrard

Another big name, another misspelt shirt…

Someone really needs to have a word with the LA Galaxy kit man…

Steve Claridge

What is it with kit men and their obsession with adding additional R’s?

Steve Clarridge misspelled shirt


David Beckham

Arguably football’s most famous face, a young David Beckham ran on as a substitute for the 1997 Charity Shield with the letter ‘H’ having gone AWOL from his shirt.

It mattered little, Manchester United lifting the trophy after a 4-2 penalty shoot-out victory over Chelsea at Wembley.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Now this one isn’t the easiest to spell, but, it’s still wrong nonetheless.

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer saw his name misspelled during his playing days, although we’d imagine there would be more attention to detail now he is in charge at Old Trafford…

David Bentley

Once tipped as the new David Beckham, former Arsenal and Tottenham winger David Bentley enjoyed his own kit error whilst at Blackburn.

Blackburn’s David Bentley misspelled shirt - Betnley


Brazil international Anderson sporting a new persona here, though Manchester United fans could be forgiven for hoping they’d signed a new Samba star named ‘Andesron’.

The United midfielder never truly lived up to the hype following his arrival, this fan particularly critical of his efforts….

Roque Santa Cruz

Another Blackburn blunder now as former striker Roque Santa Cruz saw his name become slightly less festive back in 2009.

Javier Mascherano

One of the world’s leading holding midfielders throughout his illustrious career, the Argentine joined Beckham in seeing the letter ‘H’ go AWOL from his name whilst at Liverpool.

Liverpool’s Javier ‘Mascerano’ misspelled shirt

Marko Arnautovic

The Austrian will not be remembered too fondly by most West Ham fans following his antics during his time at the club.

Maybe he was pissed off that they cocked the spelling of his name up against Bournemouth…

Marko ‘Arnoutovic’ Arnautovic and his misspelled shirt at West Ham


The latest addition to his line-up of kit calamities, the Chelsea midfielder sporting ‘Jorghino’ on his shirt for the Super Cup clash.

You had one job kit man, one job…

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