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The most amazing Zlatan statistics

Zlatan Ibrahimovic departed the Premier League this week when he left Manchester United to join LA Galaxy. Not only is the 36-year-old one of the games biggest characters, he has also enjoyed one of the most glittering careers in footballing history. Here are five of the most amazing statistics that show what an unforgettable player Zlatan has been …

Zlatan has won the Guldbollen for Swedish player of the year 11 times

To say Zlatan is the undisputed King of Swedish football would be something of an understatement, the most times any other Swedish player won the Guldbollen was twice. Not bad for the son of a Bosnian immigrant who grew up in one of the roughest parts of Malmo.

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During the 2001/2002 and 2015/2016 seasons Zlatan only failed to win the League title in each country and for each club he played for on two occasions

Starting in the 2003/2004 season with Ajax and carrying on through spells with Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, AC Milan and  PSG he only failed to lift the League trophy twice. If this doesn’t sum up just how much of a winner Zlatan is we don’t know what does.

Two of the Serie A titles titles he won with Juventus were rescinded due to the Turin clubs part in a match fixing scandal, but seriously you try tell the self confessed God of football that.

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Zlatan is only one of two football players in the history of the game to have scored in every single minute of a football match

Ok, so this one is pretty self explanatory, the brilliant striker has found the net in each minute from the first to the ninetieth, so instead we’ll leave you one of the greatest solo goals he ever scored.

Oh yeah, and the only other player to match this record is some fella called Cristiano Ronaldo.


Zlatan has won 33 major trophies in his career

Most players go through their careers just trying to secure one or two pieces of major silverware, but not Zlatan who goes around collecting medals like kids collect Panini stickers.

His record of 33 trophies makes him the fourth most successful player of all time, behind only Maxwell (37, WTF!), Ryan Giggs (35), and Dani Alves (35).

As we said earlier Zlatan is a winner, and who’s to say he won’t add a few more to his collection before he retires.

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Zlatan has scored the most goals ever by a player after they turned 30 years old

Since hitting his third decade on the planet Zlatan has netted a sensational 251 goals, which means he has scored more than any other player in history after they turned 30.

Interestingly enough it is his fellow Swede and two time Guldbollen winner Henrik Larsson who is in second place with 189 goals.

Scoring so many goals at such a late age is a tribute to what a consummate professional the brilliant striker has been throughout his career.


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