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12 tips to help you master Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League has relaunched for the 2023/24 campaign, with avid players of the ever popular game now preparing their side for the new season.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a rookie taking to Fantasy Premier League for the first time, we’re on hand to offer our humble advice and top tips ahead of the new campaign.

A mix of luck and knowledge is required for success in FPL, though these tips will ensure you have the foundations for a successful season.

12 tips to help you succeed at Fantasy Premier League in 2023/24

1. Keep up to date!

There’s little worse in FPL than missing a piece of vital news.

Keeping up to date with the latest news in the Premier League is essential to success in the game, with much able to change in a short space of time.

The official app’s in-game date should be the first port of call for FPL managers and will update with injury doubts and suspensions. Arguably the best news comes straight from the horse’s mouth however, with Premier League press conferences providing team news and latest updates.

Managers will usually address the press the day before a fixture, so waiting until the end of the week to finalise your transfers can be beneficial.

2. Plan ahead! 

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

While it can be tempting to opt for a one-game punt, the best FPL managers plan their transfers and teams several weeks in advance. A plum home fixture might be appealing on first glance, but if that game is followed by a tough run in the following weeks another option might be better in the long run.

Think more than one step ahead, if possible.

3. Don’t pick a ‘balanced’ side

The game is dubbed fantasy for a reason and assembling a successful Fantasy Premier League side is entirely different to the real approach of real managers.

Declan Rice and Moises Caicedo might be in demand and subject of big-money offers in real life this summer, but neither are prolific FPL assets due to the scoring system of the game.

Defensive attributes such as interceptions and tackles are not rewarded outside the bonus system, so filling your team with goal threat is key to success. Goals, assists and clean sheets are the recipe for success and selecting set-piece takers can be a useful way of ensuring points.

Throw caution to the wind and discard balance when choosing your team. Four wingers across the midfield? Now we’re talking.

4. Find ‘enablers’

You’re given £100m to select a squad and while that might seem a large sum on first glance, it can soon be wiped out.

Given the vast majority of FPL managers are likely to select a Norwegian goal-machine priced at a joint-record £14m this season, that leaves just £86m for the rest of your 15-player squad.

Enablers are low-cost players who free funds elsewhere, but can contribute when required. Luton defender Amari’i Bell (£4m) has already proven a popular pick given his budget cost and chances of regular football, after making 47 appearances last season.

5. Look for positional advantages

Several stars have been re-classified in terms of position in FPL this season, increasing (or decreasing) their appeal.

Among the intriguing changes are Diogo Jota, Brennan Johnson, Bryan Mbuemo and Kai Havertz, each of who have changed from forwards to midfielders ahead of the 2023/24 campaign.

Given each of those names are expected to spend significant time as real-life forwards or in advanced roles, they could prove shrewd additions to your squad given the additional points midfielders earn for goals and clean sheets.

6. Use stats!

Statistics are a solid supplement to your knowledge of the game and can make a difference when making big decisions.

Is a player just in a purple patch of form? Or does the underlying data support the stance that this can be an extended run of points?

Assessing underlying numbers alongside the eye test is a great way to unearth FPL gems and there is no shortage of superb stat-based websites offering up detailed Premier League data. Make informed decisions.

6. Don’t try and be too clever

We all love a differential. Selecting a player others have overlooked and having success is one of the truly great feelings in Fantasy Premier League, but don’t do your hopes harm by chasing a unique option.

The premium players in FPL are premium for a reason. Reliable points scorers and capable of huge point hauls. Don’t try and be too clever when it comes to transfers and captaincy choices, the most obvious choice, usually, is the right one.

Yeah, sure, your gut might be telling you that a newly-promoted forward is going to have a good game, but is it really worth the risk when the vast majority of managers have the armband on Haaland? Going against the grain can have a damaging impact on your mini-league rank.

7. Use your chips wisely

Fantasy Premier League chips are like gold dust, so use them wisely.

Wildcard, Free Hit, Bench Boost and Triple Captain can all be huge difference-makers, but avoid the temptation to activate the chips early if you make a stuttering start. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

It’s a marathon and not a sprint in FPL, so be prepared for a long season of ups and downs. There will be blank and double game weeks later in the campaign, in which chips can be of greater use.

8. Pay attention to price changes

Player price tags will fluctuate throughout the season, with increases and decreases dependent on a player’s popularity.

A high number of transfers in will see a player’s price rise, so keep an eye on potential changes. There are a number of price change predictors online, allowing you to anticipate the changes and make your moves early in the week.

Missing out on a pre-planned transfer due to price changes can be frustrating, but early transfers also come with risk so try to avoid knee-jerk reactions. Be aware of price changes, but ensure you aren’t sucked into making transfers just because of them.

9. Make your transfers later in the week

Whilst the aforementioned price changes can be frustrating when looking to squeeze the latest in-form name into your side, early moves can often prove costly with the potential for mid-week injuries – particularly for players featuring in European competition.

This season a whopping 40% of the Premier League will compete in continental competition, after West Ham’s triumph in the Europa Conference League ensured an EIGHTH place in Europe for English teams.

An early transfer could backfire if one of your squad picks up an injury in midweek European or cup competition.

Premier League European entrants 2023/24.

Champions League

  • Manchester City
  • Arsenal
  • Manchester United
  • Newcastle

Europa League

  • Liverpool
  • Brighton
  • West Ham

Europa Conference League

  • Aston Villa

Generally speaking, late transfers are wiser with less time for potential disruption before the gameweek kicks off.

10. Minimise knee-jerk reactions

It’s no secret that Fantasy Premier League can be a game of frustration. When all appears set for a successful game week, your perfect plans can unravel quickly.

When things are not working out, it can be easy to make knee-jerk decisions. Frustrated that your premium player has just blanked after a series of missed chance? Keep the faith.

Every player has an off day on occasion and it’s important to give the benefit of the doubt to proven Premier League performers. Shipping out a leading name in rage after one bad performance could come back to haunt you.

12. Ignore allegiances 

Tribalism is prevalent in football, with fans overwhelmingly passionate for their own and occasionally overzealous in their dislike for rival sides.

However, loyalty is not likely to lead to success in Fantasy Premier League. Manchester United fans will not like it, but the old noisy neighbours across the town are the Premier League’s finest right now.

Refusing to include players from you fierce rivals might seem noble, but it will not help your FPL rank, particularly if those rivals are among the Premier League’s best teams.

The same can be said for players from your own team, keeping faith despite said player being hopelessly out of form is only going to lead to red arrows as you tumble down the rankings.

Points over pride.

The same can be said for players from your own team, keeping faith despite said player being hopelessly out of form is only going to lead to red arrows as you tumble down the rankings.

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