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90s Football Hall of Fame: Middlesbrough maverick Fabrizio Ravanelli

Poetically known as the White Feather, Ravanelli joined Middlesbrough in 1996 in a sensational transfer that sent shockwaves through English football.

After all, this was one of the finest strikers in Serie A who had just scored in Juventus’ Champions League final victory that same year, and now he was moving to the freezing North East for a whopping £7 million.

How did his time at the Riverside go? In the latest episode of the 90’s Football Hall of Fame podcast, Ste and Peter were once again joined by football writer Ste Tudor to discuss his goal-laden spell in the Premier League, that iconic celebration, and one of the craziest seasons ever experienced by a club in 1996/97.

We also delve into Ravanelli’s notorious temperament, his infamous fight with teammate Neil Cox, and why he cursed every British football club he joined.

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