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Wealthy European clubs ‘considering’ new rules that will stop transfers between big sides

European football’s wealthiest clubs are ‘considering’ new rules that would stop transfers between Champions League sides.

The incredible proposals have been discussed as part of plans to create a more ‘competitive balance’ within European football, with hopes that a ban on transfers between top sides would lead to investment in players from ‘lower tier’ clubs and thus ensure a greater distribution of the wealth from the highest level of club football.

Plans are currently in motion for an expanded Champions League with would feature 36 teams and more fixtures in each campaign, though there are fears the increased broadcast revenue will only serve to make regular qualifiers richer and widen the gap between Europe’s elite and the chasing pack.

According to the Daily Mail, Andrea Agnelli, chairman of the European Clubs Association and Juventus, has fronted the proposals on a ban of top-level transfers, in a move which would drastically alter the shape of the transfer market.

Under the new proposals, deals such as Neymar’s world-record move from Paris Saint-Germain to Barcelona would not be permitted, whilst Paul Pogba’s move to Manchester United from Juventus – currently the Premier League’s record transfer – would also have been prohibited.

The plans come as football bids to find a way to ensure competitive balance, with Agnelli having discussed the proposals following a question regarding the potential introduction of salary caps.

The news comes as European football prepares for a restructure at the top of the game, with impending changes to the format of the Champions League hoped to end the continued threat of a potential breakaway European Super League.

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