De Bruyne says Japan victory is meaningless unless Belgium beat Brazil

Belgium midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has stated that his sides epic 3-2 comeback victory over Japan will mean absolutely nothing if his side do not follow it up will victory in tomorrow’s quarter-final against Brazil.

In a World Cup full of truly memorable games, Roberto Martinez’s sides fight back from 2-0 down with just 20 minutes to play will go down as one of the very best.

However, Manchester City star De Bruyne has admitted that if he and his highly rated team-mates do not claim a win over Brazil in their mouthwatering last eight clash, it will not mean anything. While the 27-year-old also revealed that he will take a victory by any means necessary over Neymar and company:

“If we don’t win the next game, this one means nothing,” said De Bruyne in a pre match press conference.

“The goal is always to be better and there are always lessons to be taken.

“We have great offensive qualities, Brazil have great offensive qualities but if we get a scrappy 1-0, I am happy. It’s about winning and we want to try and stay here to the end.”

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