Danny Rose reveals club wanted to check he wasn’t ‘crazy’ before potential transfer last summer

Tottenham’s Danny Rose has revealed a club wanted to check he was ‘not crazy’ before a potential transfer last summer.

The England international last year spoke out about his mental health, saying he had been diagnosed with depression as he struggled to cope family tragedy and injury problems.

Rose was prescribed medication as his mental health deteriorated, and admits football has a ‘long way to go’ in dealing with mental health issues.

The 28-year-old has revealed that an unnamed club approached him regarding a transfer, but wanted to first meet to check on his mental state.

Rose says the situation left him feeling ‘angry’, and says the club in question have ruined any chance of a potential future move.

Speaking on BBC Documentary, A Royal Team Talk, Rose said: “There’s still a long way to go in football because in the summer I was speaking to another club and they said: ‘The club would like to meet you, just to check that you’re not crazy,’ because of what I’d said and what I’d been through.

“I was embarrassed, as whatever I’ve been through, I like to think it doesn’t affect me doing my job. I still know I’ll always give 100%.

“In the end they didn’t put a bid in but to think that people assume I might be crazy is embarrassing and I’m still angry about it. If that opportunity came around again I’d definitely say no now.”