Chelsea legend predicts Spurs exodus after Pochettino says club are five years from winning Premier League

Joe Cole has warned that Tottenham Hotspur’s most precious assets will leave the club after Mauricio Pochettino predicted the club are a long way off winning the Premier League. 

The Spurs manager recently admitted that it could take the club up to five years to be serious contenders for the title after his side suffered a 2-1 defeat to Burnley.

Following another loss in the Premier League, this time a 2-0 midweek turnover at the hands of Chelsea, the London side look well and truly out of the title race.

Speaking to BT Sport, Joe Cole said he thought Pochettino’s comments could lead to a mass exodus of their best players:

“If I’m Harry Kane and Dele Alli and my manager says we’re five, 10 years away from winning a trophy, I’m on the phone to my agent.

“He’s [Pochettino] made an improvement, but I don’t see him making a change in the mentality at Spurs, because you’re still seeing the same problems where you expect things like they’ll lose to Burnley at the weekend.

“All your quality English players, like your Winks’ and your Kanes and your Allis, have their sights set on winning Premier League titles.

“I’d personally think: ‘he thinks we’re…’ you know.”

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