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Can Liverpool get out of their rut and claim Premier League glory?

Even though they missed out on the title last season, Liverpool fans will have gone into this season feeling like they had a decent chance of putting that right.

Before the transfer window, they definitely will have felt that they could push on, and when Liverpool completed the signing of Darwin Núñez, most fans couldn’t wait for the season to start.

Liverpool were not the favourites to win the league but they were a pretty close second to last season’s champions Manchester City – who also made some big moves in the transfer window as they completed the signing of Erling Haaland.

Liverpool fans still felt good about their chances in the Premier League, as well as in European competition.

Let’s face it, it has been a really bad start to the season for Liverpool. Draws with Crystal Palace and Fulham were followed by defeat to Manchester United, who had lost both of their opening games of the season.

Liverpool fans have definitely had bragging rights in that part of the world, and were left shell-shocked when they lost the game, having never really looked like they had a chance.

No Premier League season was ever decided after three games, so there is no need to panic, but the margins are tight at the top and Manchester City will already feel like they have the upper hand.

So, how can Liverpool turn things around?

Go back into the transfer market

Undoubtedly, Liverpool still have an incredible amount of strength, including their full backs, some of the strongest in the whole league, especially when it comes to attacking. However, they have lost some key players in important areas, such as Sadio Mané who left for Bayern Munich.

It doesn’t seem like Liverpool have a lot of money to spend, especially after buying Darwin Núñez, but it is clear that their squad needs some reinforcements. In recent weeks, Liverpool have resorted to naming some young players on the bench as they try to increase their options.

The fact is that with five substitutions available to teams in the Premier League this season, the use of the squad is more important than ever, and Liverpool don’t have the same sort of reinforcements off the bench that some of the other teams can offer at the top of the league.

Whether the right kind of players will be available is another question. It won’t be easy for Liverpool to find people in a market where teams are spending huge amounts of money, as Newcastle in particular look set to make late moves in the transfer window.

Jurgen Klopp hasn’t dropped many hints that Liverpool are looking to the market – in fact, he has said the opposite, stating that the answers are within his current squad.

It’s clear that Liverpool don’t want to splash out and spend a fortune, so this could be an element of mind games as they try to prevent teams pushing up the prices.

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Perform in crunch games against Manchester City

Liverpool first play Manchester City in October, and it will be at Anfield, which is a huge opportunity for Liverpool to make some strides and catch up – assuming they are still behind Manchester City at that point.

The good news for Liverpool is that they have done okay in recent years against City, and even beat them in the Community Shield before the season got under way properly. These fixtures are going to be absolutely huge in the way the season pans out. Most people agree that these are likely to be the only two teams that are in the race, and while nobody knows how the season will shake out, the fact that Liverpool have fallen behind means that they may need to take the points in these title “six pointers”.

Rebuild some confidence

The first thing now is for Liverpool to get back to basics, and this includes rebuilding some confidence with their upcoming games. The title is a long way away so it is better that they try to get the first wins of the season on the board.

By rebuilding their confidence in this way, they can get back to playing the kind of football we expect of Liverpool, and potentially challenge for the title.

Their loss to Manchester United will have hit them very hard but they need to put that behind them and move on to the next game.

Do Liverpool really have a chance?

Of course, Liverpool do have a chance of winning the Premier League. While it can be scary to look at the Manchester City squad if you’re a Liverpool fan, they aren’t totally unbeatable and there are plenty of chances that Liverpool could make a charge for the title.

There are still over 100 points to play for and we’ve all seen what they can do if Salah starts firing and the team starts to put some form together.

We’ve only really mentioned two teams in the title race, but Arsenal and Chelsea fans will continue to think they have a chance, and Arsenal’s strong start could even prove that they have their own title aspirations.

Either way – we are due to have a really exciting race for the title over the remainder of this season.

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