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Can Harry Kane become Spurs’ best ever centre forward?

The ‘three season wonder’ Harry Kane scored yet another hat trick on Sunday against Stoke, contributing massively to the 4-0 victory.

The 23 year old bagged his sixth hat trick for the club, along with his second hat trick of the week, taking his total number above Spurs legend, Gary Lineker.

Some pundits in the week tried to compare Kane to the likes of Lukaku and Costa, something I find quite amusing when you consider the qualities that Kane offers ahead of the other two.

However it would be much more sensible to recognise Kane in the same class as the likes of Aguero in terms of the top strikers in the Premier League and he is fast becoming one of the best strikers Spurs have had in the last two decades, maybe even ever.

Over recent years, Spurs have always had clear talent upfront with the likes of Keane, Berbatov and Defoe as the most notable centre forwards. However, the way Kane plays is much more important for the success of this current Tottenham side.


The ability Kane has to finish from just about anywhere sets him apart from recent strike forces Spurs have had. He is just as good with the ball at his feet as he is when the ball is crossed in for him to head.

Despite missing a large part of this season, Kane remains within the top three goal scorers in the Premier League, which just shows his clear quality that previous Spurs strikers just did not possess.

In terms of gaining legendary status, Kane is well on his way to achieving this too. He just has to stay with Spurs when the big clubs of Europe come knocking, which is a formality.


Finally his big game influence has been  extremely notable and this is something I have written about before.

Kane has the ability to change a game at any time with a snapshot from anywhere within range. The same cannot be said to the same extent for the previous strikers Spurs have had, and it most certainly cannot be said for the likes of Romelu Lukaku at Everton.

In terms of breaking into the best strikers Spurs have ever had, this will be a much tougher ask for Kane and he still has much to live up to. Sheringham, Klinsmann and Greaves are just a few names in an illustrious list of Spurs goal scorers over the years.


Jimmy Greaves holds the best ever goalscoring record for the club, with 220 goals in 321 appearances for Spurs over a ten year spell.

With 66 goals in 107 Premier League games, Kane is going to have to do something special to catch this record set by Greaves. However, Jimmy Greaves played during a period of football where every team played many more games, and the defences facing Greaves would not have been anywhere near as strong as the current standard.

Whilst Kane may not carry the same class that came with the likes of Klinsmann at Spurs, he makes up for it with his work rate and desire for the team which is just as important as his goals, particularly with the style of football Pochettino likes to play.

Overall, Kane has made an unbelievable start to his Spurs career and is well on the way to becoming a club legend. However, if he wants to be remembered as the best goalscorer of all time for the club, he must keep replicating this form and add a few trophies to his CV in order to become the greatest striker of all time for Tottenham.

Will Harry Kane stay at Tottenham? Can he become a Spurs Legend? Will he catch Jimmy Greaves record? Leave us a comment below



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RadioGaga (@RadioGaga21)

You clearly never watched greaves play. If you had, you’d never even consider Kane even close. Kane looks like the English Luca Toni. V Good striker but a tad overrated IMHO. Jimmy Greaves is the best striker England has ever produced.

steve giles
steve giles
7 years ago

certainly the greatest goalscorer in English history, no doubt about it.

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