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Fantasy Premier League: 20 of the best FPL team names you should consider this season

The new FPL season is almost upon us, which means teams are being drafted up, strategies are being considered, and transfer news followed religiously. But one thing trumps them all in terms of importance at this pre-season stage: your team name. Even if you end up doing badly in the game itself, you can still hold your head up high among your mates if you have the funniest and most original team name in your league. Don’t be that person with a placeholder like “The Reds” or “C’mon Leeds” – you can do better than that. It can be hard to come up with something totally new and original, so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite team names here. We’ve tried to keep it as relevant to this season and the English top-flight as humanly possible, but we had to include a few classics in there too. If you fancy deep diving to maximise your chances of success we highly recommend Fantasy Football Hub, which is a phenomenal resource for providing all the latest FPL stats, tips and general info. 

Fantasy Premier League – 20 of the best FPL team names: 

1. AC A Little Silhouetto of Milan

Not even remotely Premier League related, but the king of fantasy team names in my humble opinion. [embed align="center"][/embed]

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2. Barkley’s Premier League

Also the perfect name for your private league. [embed align="center"][/embed]

3. Guardiolas of the Galaxy

4. Earth, Wind and Maguire

5. Giroud, Sandstorm

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6. Big Dijk Energy

7. Lallanas in Pyjamas

8. FC Twente Bensons

[embed align="center"][/embed]

9. It’s all gone Shane Long

[embed align="center"][/embed]

10. Tuna in Bruyne

[embed align="center"][/embed]

11. Benteke Fried Chicken

[embed align="center"][/embed]

12. Come Digne with me

[embed align="center"][/embed]

13. Crystal Phallus

Sorry. [embed align="center"][/embed]

14. Dyche Dyche Baby

Bet that song is stuck in your head now.

15. Ayew kidding me?

[embed align="center"][/embed]

16. Hanging by a Fred

[embed align="center"][/embed]

17. Enter Shaqiri

We love a football and music crossover.

18. Lads on Toure

A classic we could not omit. [embed align="center"][/embed]

19. Tea and Busquets

[embed align="center"][/embed]

20. Murder on Zidane’s Floor

Might as well end on a timeless classic. Ahead of the start of the new campaign we’ve teamed up with Fantasy Football Hub, who are offering an exclusive discount for new members who are looking to dominate their mates in FPL this season.

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