Wright tells Arsenal fans to ‘stop moaning’ and hails Emery’s sides ‘steel.’

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has urged Gunners fans to quit moaning about their side being targeted with rough house tactics.

Unai Emery’s side defeated Sean Dyche’s Burnley side 3-1 at the Emirates on Saturday, with the Clarets clearly employing a physical approach as part of their game plan – something Arsenal often struggled with during the Arsene Wenger era.

Both during and after the game large sections of the Gunners faithful voiced their displeasure at Burnley’s tactics, but Wright believes complaining is pointless and the former striker rather believes that fans should be happy they now have a side that can handle the ‘rough element.’

“We’ve got a different steel to us, let’s just go with that,” Wright said on his YouTube channel.

“We can’t win a game 3-1 and people still be complaining that we got kicked about a bit.

“We dealt with it, we’ve got a different calibre of player that can deal with that now.

“We’ve got to stop moaning about stuff like that.

“Arsenal fans, stop complaining about things like that. We won the game and dealt with a rough element.

“We overcame and that’s what we’ve got to do as fans.

“Let’s move onto the next one. We dealt with a roughness and rough element and we won, come on man!”

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