World Cup expanded to 48 teams!

FIFA have unanimously agreed to expand the World Cup to include 48 teams it has been revealed this morning. 

Following the vote by the FIFA Executive Committee, the World Cup will see the number of participants rise from 32 to 48 in one of the biggest restructures of the tournament in modern times.

The 2018 and 2022 World Cups in Russia and Qatar respectively will remain unchanged in format, with the 2026 competition being the first ones to benefit from the added numbers.

Apart from the obvious financial benefits,  FIFa say the decision has been taken to be “more inclusive” to the wider football community.

However it isn’t all happiness within the game. The European Club association strongly opposed the move due to the already high numbers of games that players are being forced to play.

The tournament in its new format will include smaller groups of 3 teams and will still last the same amount of time, but successful teams will need to play more matches.

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