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Woodward confirms there are ‘no plans’ to increase Old Trafford capacity despite ‘big review’

Manchester United chief Ed Woodward has confirmed there are “no plans” to increase the capacity of the club’s Old Trafford stadium despite currently undergoing a review of their facilities.

Woodward confirmed that a review will be held taking into account the club’s ground, as well training grounds at Carrington, The Cliff and Littleton Road.

Man United currently possess the largest club ground in English football with Old Trafford holding a capacity of 76,000, and whilst Woodward admits there are no imminent plans to increase the capacity, the executive vice-chairman has not ruled our future investment in a bid to modernise the venue.

“We’re doing a big review in terms of where we are and what we need to do,” he told the United We Stand fanzine. “We’re also looking at the [Carrington] training ground, The Cliff, Old Trafford and Littleton Road.

“Our objectives for the stadium are for it to be safe, full and noisy. Adding more seats can influence the third one, but has to be done in the right way.

“There are no plans currently to increase capacity, but I’m not saying it can’t happen long-term. If you totally change it then you can change the feel of it.

“We’re looking at an investment plan while maintaining what makes Old Trafford special. Part of the allure of United or Old Trafford is the fact that it’s a stadium that was built in 1910.

“Our vision for it is that we don’t want to radically change that look and feel. If you have Old Trafford and you regenerate, rejuvenate and keep it modern but keep it feeling like it’s Old Trafford, then that’s the perfect solution for us.”

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