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Our winners and losers of Euro 2024’s Football Fashion

Yeah, the football at Euro 2024 has taken centre stage but the fashion is really where it’s at for some. We’ve seen some terrific (and terrible) headwear, retro looks, and some individuality when it comes to boots.

Here are our winners and losers from some of Euro 2024’s most memorable looks.

Winner: Riccardo Calafiori’s headband

Riccardo Calafiori has done his bit to bring back the nostalgia this summer, even in a disappointing Euro 2024 campaign for holders Italy.

The 22-year-old has brought back the thin headband to keep long locks in place, made famous by iconic Italian defenders of the past.

Forget the grizzled appearances of Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini, we’re talking about the smooth-operating, immaculate-looking defenders of the Azzurri’s past, those who come off the pitch without as much as a grass stain and who would look equally at home on the catwalk.

Paolo Maldini, pre-hair loss Fabio Cannavaro, Alessandro Nesta. Calafiori’s in good company. He’s keeping alive Calcio centre-back culture.

Loser: Luciano Spalletti’s cardigan/jacket

Is it a jacket? Is it a cardigan? Maybe we’ll never know.

The Italians are often at the forefront of fashion but this hybrid creation goes down as a miss.

Sure, the ITALIA emblazoned on the back is giving a classic feel, but on the back of a suit jacket? Or is it a cardigan? We’re still confused.

Winner: Spain’s pre-game tracksuit

Adidas are certainly making a wave with their vintage looks this summer and Spain’s pre-game attire is top tier.

La Roja have rewound back to the nineties with with this get-up. That tracksuit top is an absolute beauty.

Loser: Iannis Hagi’s hairnet

When you’ve got a European Championship clash with the Netherlands at 5pm and a shift at Greggs later on…

A Sausage Roll and a Steak Bake please, Iannis.

Winner: Jasir Asani’s Super Mario boots

Sure, the black boot brigade will crucify us for this and we can’t even begin to imagine how Roy Keane would react if Albania’s Jasir Asani rocked up to the dressing room with these.

But they’re different – and we’re here for it.

We all love a bit of Super Mario, don’t we?

Loser: Marcel Sabitzer’s braids

Marcel Sabitzer channelled his inner Sean Paul for Austria’s Round of 16 defeat to Turkey.

Sabitzer certainly likes to Get Busy in Ralf Rangnick’s midfield but it was Rocka-bye to the Austrians were eliminated in the first knockout rounds. The 30-year-old’s braided barnet certainly caused a stir and earns unwanted recognition on our loser’s list here.

Maybe we need to let it Breathe.

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