Wenger surprisingly avoids chance to criticise Mourinho

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has swerved the chance to lay the boot into his arch rival Jose Mourinho, after Manchester United’s shock Champions League exit at the hands of Sevilla.

United’s Portuguese manager has come in for some heavy criticism in recent days after his sides overly cautious display at Old Trafford last Tuesday. Wenger and Mourinho have had some bitter spats in the past, and many would have thought that this would have been the perfect time for the French coach to get one over on his counterpart.

However, the Arsenal manager, who has come in for some stinging criticism himself recently, instead choose to emphatise with his managerial colleague and revealed that he wants all English club’s to be successful in European competition.

“I’m supportive to everyone who suffers,”

 “[Journalists’] job is to get everybody to suffer, our job is to get as few people as possible to suffer. I want English football to do well.

“People at our level are the most demanding with themselves. The biggest suffering we get is from our own demands with ourselves. For the rest we get love or not love. You know how it is said: you’re loved when you born, you’re loved when you die. In between you have to manage.

“I want everybody to be happy in the world. Why do you want bombs everywhere? I do not want to speak about Man United’s situation. My job is to take care of Arsenal.

“Overall I want English football to do well. I want the manager to be happy. It’s not possible.

“We have to accept that when the performance on the day is not top spot we can suffer. We did that before.

“The difficulty in the modern game is no matter who is in the game we will always win, lose or draw. But that’s part of the game. Nobody accepts it anymore but it is like that. That’s what makes football interesting.” Wenger said.

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