Wenger reveals who his best Arsenal signings were

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been discussing which players he regards as the best signings of his 22 year tenure as Gunners boss.

The French coach became Arsenal manager back in 1996 and he has often been credited with revolutionising English football, with the 68-year-old one of the first exponents of nutrition, recovery and focusing on the technical ability of players.

Although his relationship soured with the Gunners faithful towards the end of his tenure, Wenger is still the North London clubs most successful ever manager, having won three Premier League titles and a record seven FA Cups.

Wenger had a reputation for preferring to buy young players and watching them develop rather than spend big money on established stars. Therefore, it is no surprise to hear the qualified Economist reveal that his favourite signings were players like Thierry Henry and Nicolas Anelka, who he bought at a bargain price and went on to become superstars.

“The ones I’m most proud of are the ones that cost little but turned out to be top class. Toure, Henry, Campbell, Anelka,” He told RTL.

Wenger also admitted that he has not decided whether to take on a managerial job or to stay in football in another capacity.

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