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Wenger complains about ‘age discrimination.’

It’s been a tough few years for Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, with the experienced coach coming in for some heavy criticism from the media and a large section of his clubs fans.

The French man has been the Gunners boss for 22 years now, and during the first part of his reign he enjoyed plenty of success and was regarded as one of Europes most innovative coaches.

However, the second part of his tenure as Arsenal boss has been nowhere near as successful, with the 68-year-old coming under fire for his teams repeated inability to mount a serious challenge for the Premier League title.

Although Wenger has revealed that he believes he has been the subject of age discrimination due to the length of time he has been at the Gunners, and also voiced his distaste for the modern obsession with image.

“Look, when you age… you focus on doing well for your club and ignore all the rest.

“The older you get, the more it becomes age discrimination. I accept if the results are not good enough then you have to take the consequences.

“But overall that perpetual thing how long you been at a club, how old you are, I find that a bit difficult to take. But all the rest I have to accept because I am in a public job and have to make results and I accept I will be judged on results.”

“I am maybe naive enough to believe that with the time going on, with perspective and context will stand out what I have done for my club and not so much the result of the last game or how much I will be applauded when I stop one day.”

“I’m a little bit fed up of all that modern thing about being completely taking care of image. I’ve always worked my whole life about with the idea of who you are rather than how you look so I’m not too concerned about that.”

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