Van Dijk discusses how Klopp’s man management gets the best out of Liverpool players

The centre-back praised the Liverpool manager for his methods, which have seen the club go to the top of the table this season.

Virgil Van Dijk joined the Merseyside outfit approximately a year ago from Southampton for £75m, a record transfer fee for a defender.

The Dutch international admitted the fee caused doubt within himself, but Jurgen Klopp was able to put his new acquisition at ease with a single sentence.

“I remember talking to the manager about the transfer fee ­Liverpool paid for me and he just said, ‘Listen, all good things cost a lot of money.’’ Van Dijk told the Mirror.

“I thought it was a great thing to come out with – and it shows why Jurgen Klopp was one of the main ­reasons I came to this club.

“I remember meeting the boss for the first time. We had a really good talk and he just gave me the right confidence.”

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Van Dijk then elaborated on what makes the German such a good manager:

“There is something about Klopp that makes him stand out. It’s not just his energy, I think it’s his ­man-management.

“Klopp makes you feel great. He is genuinely pleased to see you in the morning and that has a big effect on the players who come in.

“Just look at the hugs he gives us all at the end of games. It is only a bit of affection, something very small, but it makes you feel great.

“And yet, he can be stone-hard the next day and put you in your place when you have made mistakes.

“He will do that in front of the entire squad, but we all accept it because we know it is not something personal.

“Klopp has shown in so many ­moments that he cares about us – and that’s why he is able to demand so much from us all.”

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