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Neville reveals the real problem at Man United

Despite it being open season on Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho recently over his overly cautious tactical approach or his abrasive man management style, former Red Devils captain Gary Neville has revealed that he believes these issues are simply masking the real problem with his former side.

Neville has gone on to forge a reputation as one of England’s leading Premier League pundits over the last few years, and he reckon’s it is his former club’s lack of consistency that is actually the main issue stopping United from reaching the levels of success Red Devils fans expect.

“To be honest with you, I can’t help feeling the whole Luke Shaw issue is a distraction from the critical aspect of the season.

“The issue for me isn’t the individuals – whether Shaw, Paul Pogba or Alexis Sanchez are underperforming – but that the team aren’t very consistent, which over the course of Mourinho’s career his teams have always been.

“What I would say about Shaw is that the talent and ability are there, but his job as a footballer is to be prepared to perform every day and do every single thing in his life well to be a United player.

“At the moment, his potential is not being recognised. I’ve got a great belief in Luke Shaw and the reality is it would be a great shame if he leaves United without fulfilling his potential.”Neville wrote in his Sky Sports column.

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