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Twitter reacts to Fellaini leaving Manchester United

It is now official. One of Manchester United’s – and the Premier League’s for that matter – most divisive players of recent times has left English Football as Marouane Fellaini moves to Chinese Super League club Shandong Luneng.

As always, the great and good of Football Twitter, have been reacting to the 31-year-old Belgian international departing to the Far East; some reaction has been good, some bad, and some just downright hilarious.

Here’s some of the best tweets about the perma-haired beanpole:

Interestingly enough it seems Fellaini as it stands has played more Premier League games that any other Belgian footballer.

He may never have fit the mould of what a ‘United player,’ should be, but the £27.5 million signing from Everton in 2013, leaves Old Trafford with three major trophies to his name.

Of course it wasn’t long until this classic snap started doing the rounds.

While some fans have proved that you just can’t win with some people by moaning that Fellaini didn’t mention them in his goodbye to Manchester United – even though many of them spent the last five years abusing him – there have been plenty of positive tributes to Fele.

Although there is no denying some fans are just delighted to see the back of the big Belgian battering ram.

Just Wow!

A thing of real beauty this, we’re getting in framed and put up in The Football Faithful HQ.

It seems some people are worried that the big man may have some issues with Chinese immigration control now that he’s chopped off his famous fro.

One man sure to miss him is United’s £89 million midfielder, who paid this emotional tribute to Fellaini.

Fan’s of United’s bitter rivals Liverpool were soon in on the action, reminding us of the time Slippy G gave Fellaini a taste of his own medicine and how much Lil Jesse is gonna miss him.

But the undisputed winner has to be this absolute belter from the lads over at Joe.

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