Everton defender James Tarkowski on the reality TV show Married To The Game.
Everton defender James Tarkowski on 'Married To The Game'.
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Tweets of the Week: Tarkowski the charmer, disrespectful Messi, Champions League decline

Once more into the breach: these are the best and funniest football tweets we saw on Twitter in the past week. 

James Tarkowski went viral after clips of him and his wife on Married To The Game landed on the tweet machine. He’s smooth, we’ll give him that. 

Now the whole world knows he’s a top shagger. 

Branthwaite baffled as Everton capitulate to Brighton

This was almost the most brilliantly disrespectful goal from Lionel Messi. 

Sometimes the internet comes together in beautiful ways. 

The Champions League just doesn’t hit like it used to.  

I wonder why that is. 


Erik ten Hag feels good about the future at Man United. Maybe he shouldn’t. 

Ten Hag laments ‘avoidable mistake’ that cost Man Utd against Fulham

The EFL Cup final is going to be red vs blue in more ways than one, it appears. 

Chelsea ‘not affected’ by recent cup final defeats

A true don in Roy Hodgson has possibly managed his last Premier League game. 

What a timeline we live in. 

Oh dear. 

It’s rare that a current Premier League player gets roasted for a take, but this one deserved it. 

Ranking the most profitable Premier League academies

Championship is still pretty rock ‘n’ roll, though. But point taken. 

This is uncanny. 

Liverpool fans clinging on to any faint hope of Jurgen Klopp staying at Anfield. 

Lijnders admits Klopp is irreplaceable at Liverpool


If the Premier League could get a move on with the points deductions, that’d be great. 

Saka dodges ‘world class’ question following Rio Ferdinand comment

This can’t be real. Only in CONCACAF. 

Dani Alves has a new home for the next four and a half years…

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