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Tweets of the Week: Jose’s return, Arsenal’s despair and Bale’s flag

The best and funniest tweets of the week from the world of football, featuring the long-awaited return of Jose Mourinho as Spurs manager, Arsenal’s never-ending misery, Gareth Bale not giving a flying fiddler, and the oddest football mug we’ve ever seen.

It’s a bit dusty in here. 

There’s just something not right about these images. 

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West Ham created a hype video slating Jose Mourinho, proceeded to delete said video, then got whupped by Spurs. Talk about a self-own.

Get away from that damn wheel!

Seriously, before the entire vehicle swerves off a cliff.

It’s great being an Arsenal fan these days. 

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Especially when you’re satisfied with salvaging a last minute draw against the second bottom team in the Premier League.

Has anyone in the entire history of humankind ever preferred Wales over Madrid to the same extent as Gareth Bale?

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I bet it makes for a great cuppa though. 

Staff meetings must be a nightmare. 

Michy Batshuayi is getting great mileage out of this meme. 

No caption necessary:

Your man has a shot to win the game and then does this, wyd?

Please, stop. This is child abuse. 

The Champions League is great and all, but it’ll never top the Copa Libertadores and its Stormtroopers.

I will never get tired of videos of dogs invading football pitches. 

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