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Tweets of the Week: The Stay At Home Challenge and which Premier League manager would win in a fight

The best and funniest tweets from the world of football, featuring the coronavirus, how every is dealing with football matches, the #StayAtHomeChallenge, which Premier League manager would be best in a fight, and some heartwarming generosity during the pandemic. 

If you’re wondering how footballers are going to stay match fit, they have it under control. 

It will be easier for some than others, however. 

Jose Mourinho knows exactly how to deal with the coronavirus, though. 

Those poor footballers and pundits are obviously bored out of their tree, so they’ve concocted their own version of the #StayAtHomeChallenge – with bog roll?!

Honestly, I expected nothing less from Felipe Melo – and no one will top this. 

In this strange time we need to avoid making irrational decisions we’ll just regret later. 

This is the most football we’ve gotten in a fortnight.

This dog obviously saw Felipe Melo’s video…

Here’s a debate starter to fill the hours. 

People are still using their time to roast opposition players, of course.

Marcus Rashford really is a top bloke. 

The generosity across the board has been off the scale this week.

Fair play to Gary Neville for this as well. 

I would definitely pull every muscle in my body if I played football right now, but I am dying for a game of five-a-side regardless.

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